Faez Normarsya Mohd Faizul is a twenty-one year old student currently studying accountancy at a local public university. Born in Kedah and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Marsya is now in the process of completing her final papers in ACCA. Aside from studying, the author also enjoys travelling, meeting people, and writing all about those experiences on her personal blog. Strong-willed and resilient, Marsya believes that hard work is crucial and discipline is key in achieving success. As an aspiring student leader and a keen activist, she is always eager to find ways to give back to the society.

“Thoughts” is one of her many personal projects in reaching out and helping young adults cope with life in the contemporary.

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About The Author

Marsya Faizul

“Thoughts” is a collection of young adults thoughts and ideas which are often dismissed by grownups, and by themselves.

We often forget that our lives run in parallel to each other. We live our lives in similar ways and spend our days doing almost similar things.

Some become too afraid to get out of their bubble, and dreams remain as dreams.

Some give up before time; long before they trip, fall and learn as they bleed.

Others are too afraid to speak out, in fear of people’s judgment and out of their own insecurities.

For many, life has been less than beautiful. They survived, but they have forgotten how enchanting life can be; and ultimately how amazing they are as individuals.

If you identify yourself as any of these, this book is for you.


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